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The teacher of the future / A New Paradigm for 21st century

[Євгенія Гонтар]  Версія для друку

Each of us is a student and each of us is a personality with his or her own imagination. Everybody has different associations and images of things in his mind.

But nowadays we may face the problem of the idea of what the perfect teacher of the future is. Let’s look at this paradigm from different approaches. The best solution for this problem was proposed by John Moravec and we will keep up to that solution throughout the article.

The society is the main part of educational and social system. But until now we had no classification of the community. Modern scientists label our society into 3 “versions of one programme”. The first in the line is Society 1.0, which is the model of the humanity in 18-20 centuries. The main features of this community were:

•Family based enterprises
•Kids learned at home
•Kids worked at home
•Kids were engaged cross-generationally
•Adults could learn from kids
•Kids contributed at all economic levels
•Industrial economy
•Job/wage/salary based enterprises
•Kids learned increasingly at schools
•Kids worked at low level, sometimes dangerous jobs
•Kids were engaged cross-generationally as chattel, hirelings, or de facto (and de jure) slaves
•Kids learned from adults within division of age and labor formats
•Kids still contributed at all economic levels

Well, looking through that we can see all the stereotypes, which unfortunately are still up in our country. Although we still can see that this was the Age of Information, as it classified all the knowledge of that era creating the Hierarchical system of data.

This system had prepared us to become the next generation of program named Society 2.0. We are the members of this society and we continue the Era of Knowledge. Among the results and achievements of our generation are computers, Internet and everything concerned with them. But we are here not to analyze the past or present picture of education. The Society 2.0 uses for education all the devices which were discovered in previous generation and developed in ours. This should help us in communicating with the next level of civilization.

The third generation of the humanity Society 3.0 is the most mysterious one, because we have not faced it yet. Although it had appeared already. Scientists think that there are 3 main forces, which are driving the development of this kind of community. They are:

1) Accelerating change;
2) Globalization;
3) Innovation society filled with knowmads (each of us who uses the lap top all the time - ed.).

These students some time will begin the movement of Innovation ERA. Our task, as for teachers who are responsible for their education and further life, is to create education around them. All the summaries are given down in the table.

The main thing is that teachers of the future will not use the hardware or software – they will use mindware.

We really are moving beyond the era of the PC into the era of ambient computing, where we’re interacting with the global network through devices that are sprinkled throughout the world, smart objects, and I think the next big thing is really not to do with the Web at all. I think it's beyond the Web.

So now we can clearly see that the Society 1.0 or Society 2.0 cannot teach the next generations. So we should do our best to create all the conditions for studying everywhere as in the future there will be no such professions as teacher, but everybody and everything will teach new community. Everything will depend only on our desire and wish.

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